Anthem Off-Road was founded in late 2013 and started shipping product in mid-2014. Since then we've been breaking as many wheel industry rules as possible in our quest to produce amazing wheels for trucks and jeeps.

Wheel Democracy - All of our wheels are designed with feedback from a dedicated group of hundreds of truck and Jeep owners. We send our ideas to Team Anthem and they review them by voting and submitting detailed feedback. We make adjustments and send the revisions back out to the team. Only the top designs make the cut and are moved into production.

Anthem Exclusive - As a small company we think it's really important to stay close to our customers. At this point we've decided to only sell direct to the end user within the U.S. and Canada. The lack of multiple middlemen allows us to keep our costs down while at the same time making sure those that buy our wheels are well taken care of. You won't find our wheels in stores. Buy direct; we've got your back.

One Stop Shop - In addition to our wheel line-up, we also have access to lug nuts,TPMS sensors, and a whole lot of competitively priced tires. We mount, balance, and ship full packages for free (within the Contingent US) so that everything arrives at your door ready to bolt on. Only the wheels are listed in the store so far, but feel free to call us at (888) 459-4335 or e-mail team@anthemwheels.com for tire prices, fitment help, etc.

Anthem is located just outside of Chicago but ships worldwide. Local pick-up is available by appointment.

Anthem HQ / 620 Stetson Ave / St. Charles, IL / 60174



No Questions Asked Replacement Plan

Anthem’s No Questions Asked Replacement Plan provides unconditional coverage against damage not covered under the standard warranty.

Here's a coverage breakdown:

Standard Warranty (free with every wheel purchase)

No Questions Asked Replacement Plan (optional)

Any issue (failure, cracks, scratches, corrosion, peeling, fading, etc.) caused by:

The No Questions Asked Replacement Plan works like this:

We know what you’re thinking:

“Wait a second! So, I’ll get a free replacement if I mess up a wheel, I can make a claim for any reason I want, and if I don’t use it – I'll get the full amount I pay credited back?”


We designed this plan so that you come out ahead no matter happens – and highly recommend adding it when purchasing wheels.

Note: This additional coverage is for new wheel orders only and must be purchased by the date of shipment (or seven days from the wheel order date - whichever comes later).

For additional details, you can view the full replacement plan policies.